Pretty blonde model with makeup wearing large acrylic statement earrings

Tips On How To Wear Statement Earrings!

Which outfits do statement earrings go best with?

Large, elegant statement earrings finished with shimmering details undoubtedly match formal evening attire - for example, for a gala, ball, or wedding reception. Glamourous chandelier style earrings embellished with diamante and rhinestones will suit evening and ball gowns, combined with high-heeled shoes and a classic, smooth, small clutch bag. It would help if you also remembered about moderation in the amount of very decorative jewellery. If you wear large, richly embellished statement earrings, it is best to opt out of other decorative jewellery to avoid the Christmas tree effect. These types of earrings will be perfect for plain unicoloured creations. In turn, hoop earrings with colourful sparkling rhinestones will be perfect for a party at the club. They will blend beautifully with, for example, a little black dress. Bohemian style earrings with fringing, raffia, tassels, and beads are perfect for long, sheer dresses for a beach party. If you're the bold type of woman who likes to grab attention, you can wear statement earrings for casual looks. Skinny blue jeans, plain white t-shirt, nude high heels, round drop design earrings with rhinestones and diamante? Why not! Fashion knows no limits.


Statement earrings - what hairstyle to wear them with?

Romantic cascade earrings will suit all kinds of pin-ups and buns as well as short-cut hair. An exposed neck, shoulders, and cleavage will also be well-emphasized thanks to long, chain earrings with a flower, pearl, or teardrop. On the other hand, large, shiny hearts, drops, and circles will fit half-pins. For loose hairstyles - both straight and wavy, one-piece, heavy, and stiff earrings are recommended, not tangle with the hair. Long earrings with geometric shapes are recommended for sharp, expressive cuts, such as a bob, asymmetrical fringe, or shaved side. Both rectangles and trapezoids, diamonds and triangles (e.g., silver, triangular glamor earrings) will work here. And what jewellery will suit boho-style hairstyles? All kinds of fishtail braids and plaits will be beautifully highlighted with colourful fringed earrings, such as large boho earrings with blue tassels.


Statement earrings - what face shape do they fit?

Elongated jewellery is especially recommended for round, oval, and square faces. The treatment with such an element optically slims our face, soothes scratches, and lengthens the neck. In these cases, cascade earrings can be successfully used, i.e., consisting of numerous moving elements that subtly fall on the shoulders. Long, dangling chains with decorative details are also recommended for ladies with round and square faces. The wide-ended ones should be chosen by people with a pointed chin, while the variant with thin ends is recommended for women with a wider chin. Long earrings in the form of drops will suit women with heart-shaped faces or those with a square hairline and a wide jaw. We will achieve a similar effect by putting on earrings of a few oval elements finished with a tear - e.g., vintage earrings with a pearl.

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