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Fashionable earrings for elegant women

Known for centuries, earrings were once reserved only for men. Traditionally they were treated as talismans, medicines for various ailments and also, an indicator of status or property. Nowadays, earrings are an expression of personal style.

Why do women wear earrings?

Earrings have the ability to completely transform an outfit and change your image. The right pair of earrings can take you from drab to fab! Therefore, choosing the right pair to suit your outfit, your face shape and skin tone is vitally important to maximise wear and value. Read on for tips on how to choose the right pair for you.

What to consider when choosing earrings?

When choosing earrings, consider what shapes will best suit your hair length, face shape and completion.

People with a round face characterised by a round chin, low forehead and full cheeks should avoid circles and large round earrings. However, any angular or irregular shapes will be perfect - such as geometric shapes, leaves or feathers, and above all long earrings that will make your face appear slimmer and longer.

Square face shapes – characterised by a wide forehead and angular wide jaw should look for circular, oval earrings with curved edges such as flower blooms, hearts, oval drop earrings and hoops to soften the angular lines. Avoid angular and square earrings in the ears.

Triangular face - that is, with a narrow chin and a wide forehead - the best choice will be earrings in the shape of a teardrop or the so-called chandeliers (widening downwards) because they will widen the face optically at the level of the cheekbones, while long and hanging earrings will be disadvantageous.

Oval face – an oval face is rounded but longer than a round face, with well-proportioned features. The oval shape can carry any style of earrings, regardless of whether they are circles, hearts, flowers or geometric earrings.

Another element that you should pay attention to when choosing the right earrings is your hairstyle.

If you have short hair, or you wear long hair in a high bun - you don't really have to worry - no matter what earrings you wear, they will definitely be noticed - all shapes and materials are allowed. However, since the exposed neck begs to emphasise its slenderness - consider choosing long, thin earrings.

If you have semi-long hair - shoulder-length - it is best that the earrings also reach the shoulders, while the choice of their shape and colour depends on whether you want them to be noticed or discreet.

If you have long hair, you can favourably wear small stud earrings, but if you want the wow factor, choose dangle earrings with shiny gemstones and crystals.

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