Racewear Accessories

Showcase your trackside style with our curated range of raceday headpieces and accessories to compliment your outfit. Explore our range of headbands, halos, hats, jeweled headbands, crowns, veils, clutches & bags.


The custom of dressing up for the horse races is a very intriguing phenomenon. At the most significant racing events in the world, it is customary to wear somewhat eccentric, seemingly very sophisticated and extravagant headgear. The dress code, or the clothing canon, is strictly observed on racetracks. This differs greatly from regular or professional attire. Racegoers dressed in tweeds, big hats, top hats, and tailcoats. An elegant appearance primarily conveys adherence to tradition and respect for the significance of horse racing in both culture and society.

It's time to get your head in the game with the Melbourne Cup coming up and the Australian Spring Racing Carnival about to begin. Let us assist you in finding the ideal accessory!

The Spring Racing Carnival is quickly approaching, and with it comes the ideal chance to flaunt your race day attire. We all know that race day attire can be just as important as the horses themselves.

Wear the latest pieces from AXESSI, and dominate the fashion scene at the races. Our Spring Racing collection is bursting with colour and style, making it the ideal accessory for racegoers. From traditional black hats with elaborate details to colourful accessories that capture the vivacity of spring racing!

Race day headgear, such as fascinators, toques, hats, and headbands, is a characteristic of race attire. They can complement the overall styling when properly matched to the hairstyle and clothing. They endow it with personality, taste, and elegance. One of the rare times when a fancy headpiece is perfectly appropriate, and you, ladies, can let your imagination run wild. There aren't any limitations here!

Nothing is more thrilling than dressing up and flaunting your sense of fashion while you cheer on a winner or watch your favourite horses take the track.

Whether you're heading to Flemington Racecourse for the Melbourne Cup, getting excited at Doomben Racecourse, or planning an afternoon of fun at one of Australia's top racecourses, our race day headwear will make you feel like a million dollars.

We have something for you whether you want to add colour or go for a more traditional look.

With chic padded headbands, timeless black fascinators, and enviable one-of-a-kind pieces to help you stand out from the crowd, you'll look fantastic from head to toe.


Compared to regular hats, the headwear worn by women on race day can be works of art. By giving you a stunning and distinctive appearance, fancy shapes, colours, decorations, and materials will help you stand out from the crowd.

Look no further than this collection of stunning, individually designed hats, fascinators, headbands, and headpieces from our meticulously curated collection. This year, for a stunning modern spin on the traditional veil, we've added plush satin and velvet fabrics, feminine, soft petals, vegan leather, draping pearls, eye-catching rhinestones, and mesh veils.

You can easily put together the desired look with racewear headpieces from our extensive collection, which come in every colour and shape. Both admirers of minimalism and understated elegance and ladies who enjoy playing around with fashion and aren't afraid to grab attention with outlandish styles, will find something to suit their tastes. The padded velvet headbands are sure to please ladies who enjoy traditional elegance. On the other hand, ladies who enjoy playing around with fashion will enjoy picking out fabulously gorgeous and fancy fascinators.

Soft champagne, gold and pearl detailing create a stunning combination of femininity and contemporary glitz that is sure to draw attention.

Our elegantly designed velvet studded headband is a cutting-edge accessory that will give your race day attire a contemporary edge. You can select headbands for races that are simple or opulently adorned with pearls, rhinestones, crystals, or pearls. You will undoubtedly discover something that makes you feel great and looks good.


Racing Carnival is an opportunity to showcase your unique style. Let your imagination go wild, because here is the space to experiment with colour and texture. You can choose from various more conventional colours, such as red, black, and white, in addition to the collection's bold fuchsia, emerald-aqua, green, purple-orchid, and hot pink hues.

Try one of our many fascinators, headbands, boaters or headpieces for a classic racing-inspired look. There are, of course, also graceful boaters that will make you look regal. Feeling bold? Make a statement with our unique hair clips and scarves.

Horse racing fashion is known for its extravagant headgear. It is designed to draw attention. It is allowed to and even encouraged to be crazier than the rest. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that ladies' racewear consists of more than just hats. Race day headpieces are intended to complete your overall appearance, which should be thoughtful and well-coordinated. Because of this, in addition to headwear, our AXESSI racewear collection also includes gorgeous, elegant clutches and bags that will go perfectly with your race day attire. Vegan leather and acrylic bags are available and are a great addition.

Every woman will be delighted by our bags' unique shapes, designs, and hues. They are expertly crafted with great care for detail. Our handbags chosen to match with our jewellery.

For the racing carnival season, choose a matching bag from our carefully curated selection of clutches and bags. You'll look like a million bucks if you match them with the right headpiece!

We keep in mind that each of you is distinct and has a distinct personal style. Because of the variety in our collection, you can use our race day accessories to highlight your unique personality and sense of style. Whatever your taste, our collection has something for every woman.