Statement Earrings

AXESSI has an extensive range of statement earrings for every occasion; including a variety of gold, silver, rose-gold, enamel and coloured alloy statement earrings, for as bold as you want to be!

Our extensive range includes a variety of floral inspired earrings in pink, red, green, blue, black, purple, yellow, turquoise, orange, brushed gold and brushed silver.

For the bride, and bridal party there is a selection of traditional pearl and cubic zirconia earrings, as well as gem clusters and chandelier styles.

A diverse collection of beautiful statement earrings!

If you love statement earrings, you are in the right place.

Our collection features a large assortment of styles, shapes and sizes and materials that includes geometric shapes, glamourous chandelier style earrings embellished with diamante and rhinestones, bohemian styles with fringing, raffia, tassels, and beads, as well as exaggerated hoops with sparkling rhinestones, and pearl drop earrings.

In the AXESSI range, you will find beautiful and bold statement earrings in all shapes and sizes in a variety of colourful designs. High-quality earrings are available in gold, silver, enamel, resin, and acrylic. They are constructed with extreme care and attention to detail. There are many distinctive pieces with interesting, colourful shapes in the AXESSI collection, such as sweet cherry design earrings or gold alloy geometric design earrings with diamante and rhinestone details.

Catch the eye with unique statement earrings!

These are definitely earrings for self-assured women who prefer to draw attention to themselves. Statement earrings from the AXESSI collection will elevate any look and draw attention to your face. If you're pairing with a bold outfit, choose a more neutral statement earring. For everyday outfits like blue jeans and a basic white t-shirt, go bold and your outfit will no longer be dull; but be sure to keep your other jewellery minimal.

With such a large range to choose from, you'll easily be able to find something for yourself or find an excellent present for someone special.

What are statement earrings?

Earrings that stand-out, grab attention and get noticed. They are often bold, usually large, possibly oversized and come in various textures and designs. In a few words: they are not subtle.

They will usually have an eye-catching feature that enhances your overall look. When an accessory becomes a feature, they make a statement.

Why do you wear statement earrings?

Who doesn’t like to be noticed? Especially if you’re complimented on a pair of earrings you’ve put in the time and effort to select, that shows off your particular style. Statement earrings will draw attention to your face. They start conversations and can easily ‘break the ice’ when meeting new people.

When are statement earrings in style?

They are never out of style. The type of statement earrings you might wear might change, but the concept of making a statement with your earrings never does.