What is a necklace?

A necklace is a jewellery ornament that is used primarily to decorate the neckline and neck area. This accessory is worn not only by women, but often also by men. It is usually made of gold and silver, but you can also find models made of surgical steel and plastics that are equally durable and look great. Our offer includes necklaces of various colours and types. Every person, regardless of their taste and appearance, will find something unique for themselves.

One of the most popular types of necklaces are chains. It is a delicate piece of jewellery that perfectly matches any styling. They work well with both evening outfits and casual ones. Necklaces with a pendant also deserve attention. It is a great idea for personalised jewellery.

When to wear a necklace?

A necklace is a tran-seasonal piece of jewellery that is a style staple for the fashion forward woman. The necklace comes in many lengths and styles and can complement other jewellery worn. Here are a few of the most popular necklaces:

- Disc necklaces - these necklaces typically feature a round disc pendant with various details that are perfect for layering with other pieces.

- Link necklaces - are a must have style that is classic and timeless. Typically, link necklace can be found in gold, silver and rose-gold and come in various lengths. Chunkier shorter styles are on trend right now make a great statement piece.

- Charm necklaces - charm necklaces can be worn layered or singularly and often feature more than one charm for added interest. Charm necklaces offer an opportunity for the wearer to really express their personal style, almost all the time.

- Diamante necklaces - diamante necklaces are the perfect adornment for an evening or formal occasion that never goes out of style. Diamante necklaces can be a single diamante pendant, diamante choker or tennis necklace in round brilliant or princess cut. They can be short like a choker, mid length or extra-long, princess cut diamante or round brilliant.

- Beaded necklaces – One can never go past a necklace made of beads. They are particularly useful for picking up a colour in your outfit. Chunky beaded necklaces can make a bold statement worn alone, while fine bead necklaces can be worn alone or layered with other beaded necklaces of similar proportions or worn with metallics for contrast.

How to choose a necklace for the shape of your face?

When choosing the right necklace, it is worth considering the appearance of the face and the proportions of the body. In this way, you will not add weight to your figure optically, but emphasise all the advantages of it. Slim people with oval faces have no limits - in this case, both long pendants and short chains without a pendant and choker necklaces will work well. People with oblong faces, however, should opt for something shorter, for less elongation. Those with heart-shaped faces look well with short chains and necklaces.

Necklaces in beach styles

In our offer, we have prepared a wide selection of necklaces in nautical and beach styles - especially because the ocean is close to our heart. This season we focused on delicate pearl patterns, small crystals and shell-shaped pendants. We offer both shorter and longer chains. Thanks to this, customers of different shapes can choose the perfect jewellery for themselves, to feel and look beautiful every day.