Give your outfit that 'WOW!' factor and be the talk of the event, by selecting a stunning headband from our comprehensive collection of headband hair accessories - from Australia, directly to you.

Headbands - a practical accessory for every woman

The ability to quickly pull back unruly hair and enhance long or short hairstyles in a few seconds - these are two of the many advantages. Wide or thin, plain or richly decorated - the choices are huge allowing every woman interested in headbands to find what they are looking for.

What is a headband?

Headbands are simple in design yet an extremely practical hair accessory that can be worn by both women and men. Usually, a piece of plastic or flexible metal formed in a U-shape (horseshoe shape) with slightly inward bent tips. Thanks to this, it adapts perfectly to the shape of each person's head. They can also be made totally of entirely elastic material (O-shaped), without a plastic or metal core.

Headbands can come in many varieties such as acrylic, padded fabric covered, metal, pearl, and metals to mention a few. This accessory can be a decorative element of any hairstyle and even become the main point of an entire outfit due to decorative elements such as interesting colours, sophisticated shapes, embellishments, such as shiny stones, flowers and materials.

Practical use of headbands

A headband as an accessory is not merely a decoration, it also has a number of practical applications. It is entirely up to the wearer, given the variety of styles there is enormous flexibility how the band is being used and what model will be chosen for specific tasks. However, the headband is certainly useful:

During daily facial skin care. With its help, you can sweep the hair from your face with one hand movement and secure it in such a position that it does not interfere with hygienic procedures, such as cleansing or applying a mask.

While applying make-up. Just like when washing your face, you can use it to brush your hair away from your forehead and cheeks, so that it doesn’t get in the way and stay clean while applying cosmetics.

On hot days, which we have more than enough in our climate! Many people, especially those with bangs, appreciate the benefits of a headband during the hottest days. With its help, you can remove sticky hair from your face in seconds and still look stylish and pretty!

When you clean, cook or work in the garden! A hairband can’t always hold all the strands and keep them in check - especially people who have short hairstyles every day can confirm this. The headband, in turn, is the perfect solution that will allow you to brush away annoying hair in a moment! Also, you'll look stylish in any situation!

As a support when creating a fancy hairstyle. Some fancy hairstyles may not seem suitable for certain types of hair or cuts. The headband will allow you to tame your hair and keep the interestingly styled bangs in the right place!

When you want to liven up your look in some way, but you don't like classic jewellery. By putting on a decorative headband, you can enhance your hair in seconds and create a beautiful complement to your look!

To decorate your hair for a special occasion. The headband is an accessory that is easily accessible, inexpensive, comfortable to wear, practical and lightweight. When you choose an exceptionally decorated model, you can base your wedding or party styling on this hair accessory!

Extensive selection of luxurious headbands

Choose from a variety of styles and materials: Floral, beads, jewels, rhinestones, imitation pearls, plaited, velvet, acrylic, satin, diamanté, wreath, boho, shells, crowns etc.

In our collection you will find many different designs to choose from. We offer our customers thin headbands delicately decorated with small stones, pearls or flowers, products coated with high-quality fabric, padded headbands, velvet headbands or very richly decorated bejewelled headbands perfect for events, and even products that resemble wreaths, crowns and tiaras!

We also have an extensive range of colours to choose from; including our very popular Royal Blue Rhinestone headband. Beautiful pieces in pink, champagne, black, red, emerald, gold, yellow, pearl/cream, silver etc! just to name a few. You'll be spoiled for choice!

Every person who is looking for the perfect headband will find a type that suits their preferences, tastes and needs. We offer beautifully decorated bands priced so as not to break your budget. We encourage you to browse our full store offer, as well as to visit other product categories in our store!