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Beauty accessories that are hard to do without!

A woman's cosmetic bag is filled with products that can work wonders. However, it's hard to work with cosmetics without the appropriate beauty accessories, which we use to apply shadows, foundation, powder, highlighter, and blush. To be able to apply make-up with precision, it is worth having a set of brushes in various shapes and sizes. They work well both for everyday make-up and creating an elegant look for a special occasion.

What are beauty accessories?

For a polished make-up look the best results will be obtained with the right beauty accessories. These are all the accessories and tools you need to optimise your product placement, create precise, long-lasting make-up results, Make-up accessories are straightforward to maintain and easy to transport. Whether you are a professional makeup artist or creating your own looks at home you should have at least one set of the essential makeup brushes

Types of make-up brushes

When applying make-up professionally, it is worth knowing each type of brush and what it was created for. In our store, you will find sets with a different number of brushes, which are all available at very attractive prices. We have prepared a short guide for you, in which you will find out what brushes are on offer and what their purpose is!

  • Foundation brush — a brush with a long handle, with a wide, but slightly flat bristle. With its help, a small amount of foundation is applied with quick and confident movements.
  • Concealer brush — a flat, medium-width brush, with bristles of medium length. With its help, a concealer is applied that covers minor imperfections.
  • Powder and blush brush — it has long and thick bristles and is usually the largest brush in the set. Responsible for the final effect of the entire make-up. In our sets you will find two brushes that will perform this task perfectly!
  • Eyebrow make-up brush — a characteristically short brush with diagonally-cut bristles. It is usually the smallest of the set, as it is used for very precise strokes.
  • Eye make-up brush — a brush with short, slightly rounded bristles. It is used to apply shadows and other cosmetics that decorate the eyelid.
  • Fan brush — this is a brush that differs from others with its wide bristles. First, it is used to clean the face of possible particles of eye shadow that settle on the cheeks while applying make-up. It is also used to apply a highlighter. To accomplish this, get a small amount of the cosmetic on the brush and gently spread it in selected places.

How to keep beauty accessories?

The best way to store beauty accessories is a separate toiletry bag, which we offer in our sets, enabling you to store all your accessories in the one place, isolated from cosmetics that can stain the bristles. The great advantage of a make-up bag, is that it allows you to have all the necessary brushes always with you. At AXESSI, we present sets with and without cosmetic bags.

Beauty accessories - the perfect gift for a woman

We women know that there are never too many beauty accessories. Therefore, they will always be the perfect gift for a mother, daughter, girlfriend, or wife. Beauty accessories prepared at AXESSI are products that exude a very high quality of workmanship. They are durable and skin-friendly and easy to keep in perfect condition with regular cleaning. We present sets consisting of a different number of brushes, meaning every woman's cosmetic bag will become complete. They are functional, beautiful, and neat at the same time, with colourful handles or bristles and an elegant finish - glitter or powder pink. Your skin and eyes will undoubtedly be delighted!