Fusion Tan Self Tan Foam

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Best self tanner for smooth results

Picture yourself sunning on the sands of Bondi Beach or St. Tropez, with a picture-perfect tan the envy of all.

Bridalchic Glo+ is delicately and organically infused to provide every bride and every skin-type a smooth, consistent finish. It has a pure caramel base mixed with skin toning and anti-ageing berry nutrients for smooth, perfect looking, flawless skin, creating a glow that's so authentic it looks like you're not even wearing a fake tan.

This all-in-one self tanner is a sunless tan-and-skincare combination that evens skin complexion, moisturises, revitalises, and will have you glowing. The light formula applies smoothly and evenly, giving a faultless finish.


  • Self tan foam
  • Natural caramel base providing photo quality results
  • Doesn't feel sticky!
  • Light silky texture when applied
  • Less than 1% Transfer to clothing sheets or materials (sleep easy bronzer)
  • Absorbs into the skin after application and is instantly dry
  • Takes only 1 hour to develop (get tangible results in only 60 minutes)
  • 100% Australian made
  • Best used with the Tan Application Mitt

How to use:

You'll have an authentic, realistic tan in next to no time. APPLY & WEAR with confidence. After applying with a Tan Application Mitt, it will dry almost immediately. With minimal bronzer, there is less than 1% TRANSFER to clothes, linens & other fabrics, allowing you to put on any outfit practically immediately.

SHOWER IN JUST 2 HOURS for natural results; you can leave it for a longer time if you want additional colour depth. Don't worry, your tan WILL NOT OVERDEVELOP, so you'll always look great. With no synthetic bronzer, you'll find sleeping in your tan an absolute pleasure.

SLEEP EASY with ADVANCED Skin breathing enriched ingredients

A light fresh fragrance and NO FAKE TAN SMELL plus less than 1% TRANSFER TO CLOTHING & BEDDING!


After your initial application, you can shower as usual thanks to Fusion Tan's protective technology. Fusion Tan has thoroughly tested, so you can feel confident in your beautiful tanned skin.


This product is poured and made fresh. To protect its longevity, keep the lid on at all times, avoid stirring in a metal container or utensils. Keep protected in a cool dry place out of direct heat and sunlight.

This product is freshly poured and made. Keep the cover on at all times to ensure its longevity, and avoid stirring with a metal container or utensils. Keep away from direct heat and sunlight and store in a cool, dry location.