Woman wearing a long white dress with a red clutch

Are you looking for a clutch to match your long dress! Find out some tips to avoid a nasty fashion slip-up!

Importance of a clutch in styling

The clutch is a wardrobe staple. To select the right clutch for your outfit, consider the fabric and style of your dress or outfit as well as the type of event.is selected primarily for the style of the dress, its material and its length. Also, to the character of the event. The nature of the ceremony is important. Whether it will be a very official party or, for example, a less official party in the open air. Regardless, there is one rule. We never choose large bags for formal dresses, cocktail dresses, or spring racing as they detract from the dress and can overwhelm the outfit.

With a clutch for a wedding, cocktail party or elegant evening ceremony you can choose from a variety of textures and embellishments such as lace, satin, beading or diamante covered clutches. Choose something more decorated and refined than what we carry with us every day. Most often, women choose long dresses for formal, evening events for their elegance and femininity and there are so many silhouettes to choose from in a long dress to suit any figure. There are countless styles on the market. However, it should be noted that long dresses are not only chosen for very elegant events. Boho style long dresses are also great for beach parties or as an everyday outfit on a hot day. A different clutch will work with each of the above types of long dresses.


The perfect clutch to complement a long evening dress!

We put on evening dresses for special occasions when we want to look elegant, therefore our accessories should be equally elegant. An evening dress typically demands a small bag to carry your essentials such as lipstick, compact mirror and phone. Ideally, it should be a clutch you can hold comfortably in your hand but has a delicate removable chain worn over the shoulder or wrapped around the wrist. A clutch bag in a distinctive colour, glittery, shiny, or embellished is the perfect complement to a glamorous long dress.

Gold or silver will be the best choice for formal, evening occasions. Richly embellished clutches can be treated as decorative pieces of jewellery. Embellished decorative style clutches work best with a simple silhouette, a single colour, without additional embellishments that would compete with the clutch. The clutch can be closely matched to the colour of the dress or in a contrasting colour to match other colours in your jewellery or shoes. Evening dresses made from a plain silk satin, or other similar shiny fabrics look fabulous with a sequin or velvet clutch, to add contrast and texture to the overall aesthetic. On the other hand a sequin dress, or a dress featuring lots of frills, works better with simpler clutches which can be hard case or soft, satin, velvet, lace, metallic, sequins or beaded. The evening outfit can be monochrome. However, when we choose a bag in the colour of the dress, it must be exactly the same shade.

The small clutch, can be worn on formal occasions as well as cocktail functions, special lunches and the races to name a few. Slightly larger sized clutches are also acceptable as long as they proportion to the dress and are also acceptable for evening wear. Tall women can wear the largest clutch bag size as the bag can still be perceived to be proportional. Petite ladies should choose a smaller clutch to remain proportional to their height and stature and should avoid very large bags especially those worn in the hand, as such accessories will optically shorten their height. Longer, rather angular models will be the best choice for the fuller figured woman. For very slim ladies, those made of soft materials with rounded shapes will be perfect.

Clutch for a long boho style dress

The boho style tends to be feminine and whimsical and romantic as well as comfortable and unique. The boho look can be worn to music festivals, parties, picnics, beach weddings, and beach parties. No wonder dresses in this style are very popular. What's more, they give you more scope when it comes to choosing a handbag.

Woven rattan or raffia clutches work well with the boho style dress, as do crochet and shell embellished clutches and woven leather clutches. Fringing, wicker and lace varieties also work. The boho style dresses also go with floral patterns and lace-like cream lace evening bags with gold chains.

Clutches decorated with beads are perfect too for an elegant boho dress. The advantage of these type of clutches is that you can fit more things into them, as they are larger than typical evening clutches. However, it should be remembered that these types of bags should still be small and light colours. They need to be light so as not to overwhelm the airy and romantic boho dress.

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