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Explore exciting handbag styles and learn how to wear them!

What should you look out for when choosing a handbag?

A women's handbag is one of the most important pieces of clothing. Women love handbags! A handbag is an element of clothing that emphasises your style and character. It is best to have several styles of bags to change them depending on the occasion, outfit or mood. Handbags fall into a number of categories i.e. every day, or special occasion. Depending on the style, handbags can be classic, minimalist, glamorous, sporty or bohohemian. You can distinguish between shopper bags, messenger bags, clutches, baskets and belt bags, which are recently fashionable.

How to choose the perfect bag?

A handbag often catches your eye, and you fall in love with it simply because it is beautiful. However, quality and it’s practical elements are equally important. After all, you want to enjoy the beauty of your handbag not for a moment but many years.

When deciding to buy a new handbag, you should consider the aesthetic and practical aspects of a handbag, such as the capacity of the handbag or the number of pockets for small items. Also, the ability to adjust the length of the handle is important. For women who usually carry many items, styles with several pockets are perfect. Women often store many heavy items in their handbags. When searching for the perfect type for yourself, you should pay attention to straps and handles. They should be made of durable materials.

Women's messenger bag – small and luxurious

Over the years, women's handbags have come in various styles. Messenger handbags, are a stylish alternative to the back. Messenger bags are very practical and usually have a number of storage compartments but look as attractive as a handbag.

They are available in many shapes, making them very functional. A messenger bag can be large and rectangular, or small, round or half-round. There are a multitude of styles, sizes and shapes. This means that you will surely find a type of messenger bag that matches your style. The messenger handbag goes well with many styles from feminine dresses to casual outfits. It's a women's handbag that is usually worn over the shoulder or across the body. An important feature to look for in a messenger bag is one with an adjustable strap allowing you to adjust the height of carrying bags to your own preferences.

An indispensable shopper tote – your new favourite bag!

It is well known that a woman’s handbag can be a bottomless pit holding everything but the kitchen sink. Cue the shopper bag. The shopper bag has unlimited uses and is also eco friendly, practical and stylish. The shopper handbag can be taken with you on retail therapy outings to carry all your purchases and can be used in conjunction with your everyday handbag. Women’s shopper bags have become increasingly popular in recent times and appear on all the popular fashion magazines and catwalks. Every age group can use a shopper bag.. This means that the passage of time does not have the slightest influence on the popularity of a shopper bag. A large, often colourful women's handbag complements the outfits of women around the world. If you do not have it in your wardrobe yet, you must get one. It is the perfect solution for work, university, social gatherings, walks, trips and shopping. Shopper bags have become increasingly popular and fashionable.

Clutch bag - a must-have in every woman's wardrobe

The clutch is usually a small, compact handba that comes in a variety of shapes. It is usually to be held in hand but often has a removable chain. The clutch is a perfect bag for both day and evening occassions. Richly embellished types are an elegant and sophisticated addition to glamorous outfits. Importantly, this type of clutch does not draw attention away from the whole outfit, but it is a compliment to it.. Clutch bags guarantee not only chic but also a timeless part of women's wardrobe, which adds class and elegance.

A clutch bag is one of the most important accessories for women's outfits. This is a must-have accessory for the red carpet, cocktail party, wedding or another formal event. Always when elegance is required.

Belt bag/hip bag – a recent seasonal hit!

It is a universal type of bag that works well in many situations. Its small size makes it fit practically anywhere. A practical strap allows you to carry the sachet without having to hold it in your hands. It can be clipped on or tied around the waist. Carry it in front of you or on the lumbar spine of your back. You can also hang it across your body so that the strap runs from your right shoulder to your left armpit or vice versa. Another alternative is to wear it over one shoulder.

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