Are you looking for earrings to compliment your red dress? Find out our top tips!

Are you looking for earrings to compliment your red dress? Find out our top tips!

Red dress - for women with a big personality?

The “Little red dress” is as timeless as a "little black dress". A red dress stands out in the crowd! Hard to miss, the red dress is always a stand out. The Red dress is for the women who loves to make a bold statement and red is a colour that can be worn any time.. There is a shade of red for every season and the best shade of red will depend on your skin's undertone. If you choose the right shade of red, you will look radiant and will look positively royal in red.

It would help if you considered its shade, cut and style. Who suits a red dress? For what events should you wear them? Any woman can wear a red dress to any event as long as the right shade of red has been selected for her skin complexion and the style is appropriate to the event. Undoubtedly, the decision of which shade of red dress is not easy, particularly because it is a bold and dramatic colour. As such, you should be aware of the many different shades the red dress comes in; from bright, through to intense dark reds and maroon. In order to choose the right shade for you, you should get acquainted with the basics of colour analysis.

What shade of red dress should you choose?

If you have warm undertone skin then warm colours will suit you. If you have cool based undertone skin, choose colours from the cool end of the colour spectrum. Women with a cool toned skin type (i.e. summer and winter) will look best in the following shades of red; rubies and rose red. Women with summer tones will look good in wine red, cranberry, cardinal and raspberry red. For the winter toned skin, burgundy red and blood red will work well.

On the other hand, women with warm skin tones, like spring, should choose muted reds and colours that fall into the peach tones. Warm Autumn colour toned skins often have red hair and should look for tomato red, and copper toned reds.

When choosing a red dress, consider the occasion, your skin tone, hair colour and type of figure. In addition to skin tone, hair colour can influence the shade of red you choose. For example, brunettes with an olive complexion may need to consider a different shade of red than a fair skinned light blonde or a flaming redhead.

Red dresses can suit any woman, as long as she likes to stand out in a crowd. For every day, choose subdued, lighter shades: poppy, coral or tomato red. For the evening (on a date, to the theatre, for a night out), rich varieties including cherry, burgundy red or crimson are a standout.

You should also keep in mind that accessories that can affect the overall look of your outfit are extremely important. For example, earrings, when selected well, can beautifully change the style of your outfit.

Earrings to match a red evening dress

The first and most important rule when styling with a red dress is to keep the accessories complimentary to the dress as a red dress often speaks for itself. Turquoise earrings look stunning against a blue based red as do classic gold, or silver earrings. Gold, silver or diamante earrings are best for elegant evening events and silver work really well with the red dress. The style of red dress will also influence your choose of earrings; a strapless red dress can be worn with a long earring or statement earrings as they will not be competing with sleeves or a neckline. If your red dress features large billowing sleeves, consider understated earrings to compliment the dress design such as pearl earrings or diamante stud earrings which are always classic, subtle and elegant. The earrings should compliment the dress and the rest of your jewellery and all accessories for the red dress should be of the same colour or tone.

Earrings for a red cocktail dress

A cocktail dress is typically shorter than a formal dress and is worn to cocktail parties, the races, weddings and many other occasions where a mid length dress is suitable. The cocktail length dress allows more freedom to choose from a wide variety of earrings depending on the time of day and the occasion. For a day at the races, you can add bolder statement earrings that work with your headband, hat or fascinator. For spring carnival flower earrings work well particularly with a floral red dress. Cocktail dresses worn to an afternoon, or evening weddings allow you the freedom to choose from gold or silver, diamante and rhinestones, pearls, statement, chandelier style, studs or dangle style earrings.

Plain cut, you can choose richly embellished earrings, for example, in the shape of leaves or drops. Remember to wear monochromatic earrings, as only those look well with a red dress. Gold, silver, crystal, white, diamante, black or pearl earrings will match nicely with a red dress.

Remember not to overdo it. If you have chosen large statement or richly embellished earrings, choose a matching cuff or bracelet to match rather than a bold necklace. Also, keep in mind that all jewellery must match each other in terms of style, colour or material. If your dress is heavily patterned or embellished choose subtle, delicate earrings, e.g. delicate diamonds, which you can complement with a subtle ring or bracelet of the same style.

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