Are you wondering sometimes, "I don't know what colour of jewellery suits me"? Find out useful tips!

Why is it worth knowing the rules of selecting jewellery?

It's the same with jewellery: carefully chosen accessories can elevate a basic style to something distinctive. However, you must know how to choose it skilfully to get the desired result. Check out the best jewellery combinations and the pitfalls to avoid. We are all different and our skin, hair and eye colour determine which colours suit us best. Some of them, as well as other warm colours, pair well with cool colours.

What jewellery should you wear to highlight your inherent beauty? A silver pendant or a golden chain? When choosing the type and colour of jewellery, you should consider several crucial factors, such as your face's shape and skin tone. If you are unsure of which colour best suits your skin tone and hair colour, there are a few general guidelines you can follow to choose the jewellery that works best for your colouring  and style.. Our outward appearance reveals who we are, our personality type, our goals, and the message we want to deliver. Find out what makes you beautiful, and emphasise your best qualities!

You can find jewellery for all kinds of beauty in the Axessorize online store. A wide variety of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and hair accessories in different sizes, colours, shapes, and designs are available.

Jewellery selection for skin tone - where to start?

Start by considering your skin’s base tone, hair colour and eye colour. When considering the kind of jewellery that will best suit your skin tone, hair and eye colour. You can rely on the advice of a certified colourist, who will determine the colour scheme that best enhances your features.  Once you know if you are a spring, summer, winter or autumn you can use this to inform your jewellery choice. This will help determine what colours will make you glow rather than drain you of colour. 

In our Axessorize online store, you can find jewellery to suit all skin tones—gold, silver, with stones, fancy, and understated.

Jewellery perfect for a warm autumn and spring type of beauty

The autumn beauty type is distinguished by a warm-toned, golden complexion that is still relatively fair and frequently freckled. These individuals typically have red, warm brown, chestnut, or reddish highlights in their hair. Autumnal women have warm coral lips and green or brown eyes. Lady Autumn will look stunning wearing bronze, brass, wood, yellow, and rose gold jewellery. For this kind of beauty, gold jewellery with brown, mustard, or red stones will also look fantastic. It's important to remember not to wear too much jewellery or to mix too many different types and colours. Only one piece of jewellery, such as a ring or bracelet, should contain the stone.

Spring beauty is another warm type characterised by blond, light red, light brown hair, blue, light green, or grey-green eyes, and coral-coloured lips.

Jewellery is perfect for a cool type of beauty - summer and winter

A light complexion with a cool shade, occasionally with light pink tones, defines summer beauty in cold tones. Ms Summer's hair is platinum blonde, grey, blonde, brown, or black. These women typically have grey, grey-blue or grey-green eyes. Jewellery made of silver, gold, steel, platinum, and pearls will be ideal for this type of beauty. Crystal jewellery is a good option for women who like to add sparkle to their jewellery. A silver frame should surround the crystal. Remember that it's important to consider other elements, such as your face's shape and the jewellery's colour.

If you have the winter beauty type, you have a very light complexion with a blue or pink undertone. The dark eye rims, intense lip colour, and black hair stand out in contrast to the light skin tone. It is a powerful form of beauty. White gold, platinum, coloured wood, and pearls in shades of black and blue are all used to make jewellery for the winter beauty type. Diamantes look stunning with a winter toned skin.

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