Have you ever wondered, "what jewellery suits me?" Discover the secrets of jewellery selection!

What colours suit which type of beauty?

Warm colours like rose gold, copper, and warm yellow go well with the warm skin tones. In terms of colours, yellow, brown, orange, and green are probably the ones that will enhance your beauty. Opt for pearls with a warm glow when making your selection. Cool colours go perfectly with the cool type of beauty. Fine silver, platinum, or white gold as your metal. Jewellery in red, pink, purple, and blue will highlight your beauty. Pick pearls that are white or slightly pink.

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Jewellery and face shape

Whether you're choosing earrings or a necklace, it's crucial to take your face shape into account. The shape of a woman's face has a significant impact on whether she looks better wearing a longer or shorter necklace. It is important to become familiar with the general rules for selecting jewellery, especially earrings, as they play a significant role in concealing flaws and emphasising strengths.

The most frequently recognised facial features are oval, round, square, and triangular face shapes. Hoop earrings should not be worn if your face is round. You may put on long earrings. You should pick circle, round, teardrop, and oval earrings if your face shape is square. Wearing earrings with sharp angles or rectangles is not advised, though. If your face is triangular, pick round, spherical, or oval earrings. The bottom of perfectly matched earrings should be wider than the top. You can wear any style of earring with an oval face shape.

How to match a necklace to a neckline type?

Finding the right necklace length and style to suit your outfit can be difficult but there are some general rules that can help guide you in your choice. For a v-neck dress or top, opt for long line necklaces that finish just above the top of the v-neck.These can include a pendant or multiple layers of fine chain. On the opposite end turtlenecks look best with a long necklace too. Off the shoulder or strapless dresses look stunning with chokers or short necklaces close to the neck which can be fine or chunky. High neck shapes can also tolerate short necklaces of various materials.The easiest shape to work with is the scoop neck shape blouse or dress which is compatible with all types of necklace lengths. The sweetheart style works well with a beaded necklace or chain with a round pendant that compliments the curved lines of the sweetheart style. The classic shirt is so versatile depending on how you button it. A statement necklace over a buttoned up collar shirt is a fashion forward look, or layering your favourite necklaces on an open collar makes for effortless style. A simple short necklace also works well on a collared shirt and will elevate a classic white shirt. 

How to choose jewellery for styling?

To look stylish and elegant, it is important to give styling some thought and to adjust each piece of clothing. Our set should result in a well-balanced composition. Accessories are essential because they complete every stylisation, and you cannot overlook them. How should jewellery be selected for clothing and necklines?

Jewellery should be consistent with the type of outfit you are wearing. For example, rhinestone statement earrings would be appropriate with a cocktail or formal dress but incompatible with active wear.

On the other hand, simple accessories, such as delicate necklaces on thin chains, watches or bracelets, and understated stud earrings, will be the ideal complement to the casual style. A crucial guideline for choosing jewellery is to consider colour, fabric and occasion. Gold and silver colour jewellery are timeless metallics that work well for all occasions. When choosing colourful jewellery keep the pattern and colours of the fabric in your attire in mind. Bright colours stand out on white or black outfits as does bold gold statement pieces.. Cool colours like blue or purple make an interesting pairing with silver. When wearing colourful jewellery, make sure the jewellery compliments the pattern and material rather than compete with it. Classic black and white always works well as a backdrop to colourful jewellery.

Plain fabric outfits will  allow  the colourful jewellery to be elegantly displayed. When choosing jewellery, take into account the fabric of your clothing. When selecting accessories for textured fabrics such as lace and brocades, choose jewellery that matches the calibre of the fabric such as pearls, diamante and rhinestones including small earrings and delicate bracelets

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