How should you wear diamante earrings to look glamorous?

Real diamond earrings are very popular, however if you don’t have the means, or desire to spend lots of money on real diamonds, you have the option to invest in diamante. They look like diamonds, feel like diamonds, but are an affordable alternativet. Diamante’s come in various designs, forms, colours, and sizes. The most striking and attention-grabbing earrings are those made of large, hanging and elaborately decorated diamonds - but you can achieve the same impact with diamantes. These earrings can transform any outfit—even the most basic, minimalist one—into a work of art. Thanks to them, you can enhance your facial features, neck, shoulders, and hairstyle. These earrings are unquestionably ideal for big occasions, celebrations, and gatherings where you want to appear stunning and exceptional. Carefully chosen earrings can accentuate your best features while concealing your flaws. Learn what and how to pair diamante earrings for a stunning effect.

Long, decorative diamante earrings - what face shape do they fit?

The earrings should be chosen based on the shape of your face. Oval-shaped earrings are advised for faces with a round, oval, or square shape. The wearing of such earrings lengthens the neck and optically slims the face. In these situations, you can effectively reach for cascade earrings, which are made up of many moving parts and delicately fall on the shoulders. Choose long chains or delicate, pointed ornaments that end just below the chin if you have a round face. Diamond earrings in the shape of drops will look good on you if your face is heart-shaped or you have a wide jaw.

Wearing earrings with several oblong components finished with a drop will produce a similar result. On the other hand, the oval face shape complements all earring shapes and styles.

Numerous styles, colours, and sizes of diamond earrings are available at our Axessorize online store. Diamante earrings exquisitely packaged in a pink suede pouch can be yours in a matter of clicks and days.

What hairstyle are large diamante earrings suitable for?

Large earrings look best on women with up do’s or short hairstyles, whether understated or lavishly embellished. The earrings then become very visible and serve as real decoration. But not all long-haired women are obligated to go to the hairdresser immediately. There is nothing that prevents long-haired girls from wearing large diamond earrings. It is sufficient to pin the strands up at the back of the head in a fancy ponytail, high bun, or low bun. Long, chain earrings with flower, pearl, or drop-shaped ornaments, like Simple Diamante Drop Earrings or Silver Bow Drop Diamante Earrings from our Axessorize collection, will effectively highlight an exposed neck, shoulders, and cleavage.

On the other hand, if you want to show off your earrings but do not want to pin up your long hair, you can brush your hair back smoothly, and big earrings will look great with the entire hairstyle.

When and with what to wear large diamante earrings?

Jewellery with diamantes is a beautiful addition to sophisticated evening attire. However, remember that your dress should be more subdued the larger and more elaborate your earrings are. Do not give up other jewellery pieces like pendants or bracelets when wearing oversized, striking diamond earrings, choose a bracelet that is complementary to the earrings and go for a subtle necklace or fine pendant. A sheath dress in one colour paired with diamante earrings makes a stunning outfit. Another event that diamante earrings are ideal for is parties.

Are you planning to dance at the club? Choose a little black dress, pull your hair back into a high ponytail, and accessorise with elaborate, sizable, dangling diamante earrings. It has extremely feminine, seductive, and elegant styling all at once. These earrings look fantastic when worn with a strapless top or a Spanish-style neckline. The earrings beautifully emphasise the long neck, collarbones, and shoulders. If you prefer covered shoulders, choose a plain long-sleeved dress to highlight your figure. But as you are aware, fashion is fluid. 

Because of this, bolder women choose to accessorise their casual looks with large diamond earrings and a little rock face. Black biker jacket, white t-shirt, tight black jeans, traditional black stilettos, and big diamante earrings.

That sounds fascinating, doesn't it? Such styling will be the ideal way to highlight your unique style and personality. Fortunately, there is such a wide variety of diamante earrings available that every woman will undoubtedly find a pair she loves wearing.

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