Find out how to effectively store your hair accessories

Find out how to effectively store your hair accessories

Hair ornaments such as hairpins, hair elastics are always very popular. However, because they are so little, they are easily lost or misplaced. You will frequently lose them if you don’t find an effective storage solution to keep your hair accessories properly. We can all relate to the pain of trying to find your favourite hair elastic  in the morning while rushing to work or the gym. Some of us have quite an extensive collection of cosmetics and hair accessories! Try the following suggestions if you wish to organise your collection. They will instruct you on how to store hair accessories properly.

How to store hair bands?

You can purchase a specialised organiser for hair accessories to prevent hair bands from tangling and falling out. For hair bands, clips, and hairpins, separate drawers or compartments will be provided. Such organisers come in a variety of designs. To match the number of hair accessories you own, you might pick a specific decor for your bathroom and bedroom. You will undoubtedly discover something that is both functional and aesthetic. But this isn't the only sensible approach to keeping hair bands.

You can successfully organise your hair bands yourself in a very simple manner. This is advantageous for the environment as well as your bank account. Use what you already have instead of purchasing new organisers.

Use any small diameter container, even the packaging for hairspray or antiperspirant, for this purpose. It is what you will use to attach your hair bands. The first hair band should be applied roughly in the middle of the bottle. Depending on how many such accessories you have, proceed to its endpoints.

You can keep a bottle like this on your vanity or bathroom counter. Additionally, it can be placed in a cosmetic bag or basket. But keep in mind that the diameter must be appropriate. It should be big enough for the hair bands to stay on it but not too big that they stretch or become damaged unnecessarily.

Another option is to hang your hair bands from a snap ring. You may also get a round-diameter velour stand to display your hair bands. These methods are basic, practical, and affordable.

How to store hair pins, so they don't get lost?

Sometimes the least obvious ideas that let you employ seemingly insignificant objects end up being the most popular ones. One is a straightforward yet excellent approach that outperforms the others. Using a tic tac toe board is one such method. Unexpectedly, a box of these widely consumed candies is the ideal storage solution for hairpins. It is compact and fits into any makeup bag with ease.

Additionally, there are no issues when adding or withdrawing the hairpins from it. Here's an easy method to store all your hairpins in one location and access them anytime you need them.

Another option for pins is a magnetic strip to which hairpins can be attached, but it needs to be big enough to support and keep all of them. A little hack is to use a magnetic sewing pin holder. 

How to store headbands?

The headband stand provides the solution. The legs and a removable cylindrical roller with a diameter of 10–12 cm make up this headband stand/organiser. Since the cylindrical roller is entirely detachable, placing the headbands on it is simple. The stand legs' breadth is also adjustable. Headband stands come in various colours and materials and is reasonably priced. Velour, satin or acrylic stands are the most prevalent materials. You may showcase your favourite items using this stand.

It will save you time looking for your favourite headband because the stand will help you find it more quickly. Headbands made of plastic, metal, and elastic can be stored on the stand. Additionally, you can use it as a watch or bracelet display.

How to store combs and hairbrushes?

Another source of germs and other pathogens is hairbrushes and combs left in the bathroom. A closed box in the bathroom might be a better place to keep them so that moisture cannot get inside.

Another option is to purchase a brush and comb rack. They are frequently used in hair salons but are also quite useful at home. Typically circular, they have numerous holes of various forms and sizes. This is the ideal method to organise all of your combs and hairbrushes. However, keep in mind that if you want to keep brushes and combs on a rack, they should be put in the bedroom, such as on the dressing table, rather than the bathroom, because they are susceptible to the growth of bacteria in that moist environment.

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