What a woman should wear to a horse race to dazzle with elegance - some tips

What a woman should wear to a horse race to dazzle with elegance - some tips

Horse racing has always evoked strong feelings and drawn newcomers to the sport. Some attendees come to place wagers, some just to enjoy the show and watch, while for others it is an opportunity to showcase their bespoke designed headpieces, outfits and accessories. One item that is a must for horse racing events, is the head-wear worn by both men and women for the occasion. For women this may include fascinators, headbands, hair halo’s, boaters and large hats, or floral garlands. The horse races have some general dress codes

it is crucial to understand the guidelines to adhere to when selecting your clothing especially if plan on entering Fashions On The Field. Depending on the type of race you are attending, If you want to know what to wear to horse racing, you should read it specifically for each race. These are the standard guidelines.

Headgear is the most important element of a horse race outfit

Melbourne Cup is arguably the biggest event on the horse racing calendar. Every year, women outdo one another with increasingly creative headpieces of all colours, materials and designs. There are many different options for headwear, including fascinators, headbands, boaters, hats with wide brims and halo’s. The daring females donned fascinators or hats embellished with flowers, feathers, huge bows, bees, butterflies, and other figurines. The fundamental rule is coordinating the headpiece and the clothing to create a cohesive ensemble.

The most well-known races where you can discover such elaborate headwear are those. However, ladies in the crowd at every horse race want to see them, not only at Melbourne Cup. 

It must be acknowledged, nonetheless, that in the case of horse racing, headgear is so crucial that ladies frequently choose a headgear first, and choose hairstyle around the headpiece. Hairstyle is important to accommodate the chosen headpiece as well as for the aesthetics. A low bun is often chosen with large fascinators so as to not interfere with the elaborate design. Hair out or in a low bun also works for a boater or wide brimmed hat. Pining up your hair if you plan to wear a fascinator with many embellishments and interesting forms is preferable. Hair that is too loose could tangle in the fascinator. You may find a wide variety of gorgeous headwear for horse racing in our Axessorize online store under the "racewear" tab. Hats, fascinators, headbands, and handbags come in various styles and hues.

What is styling for horse racing?

The horse races have been long established event with long standing traditional dress codes. Dresses covering the shoulders and extending to the knees or longer are considered appropriate necessary for women. These include pencil style skirts, gathered skirts, fit and flare skirts, tiered skirts and tulip style skirts. 

Dresses are seen in all kinds of fabrics patterns, usually woven fabric as stretch fabric tends to be too figure hugging for the dress code. Elegant fabrics such as brocades, lace, silk, cottons, satin, sateen, silk satin, and linen to mention are very popular. Patterns are also frequently worn, in  particularly florals, horses,and  geometrics. All kinds of colour combinations are seen, they are frequently in vibrant, pastel colours or monochromatic. Although traditionally dresses were worn, today pant suits, and elegant jumpsuits have become increasingly popular. 

What attire is frowned upon at horse races?

The horse racing season  includes major events with specific dress codes such as the Caulfield Cup, Derby Day, Melbourne Cup, Oaks Day and Stakes Day. The foundation of the dress code for horse racing is elegance, Broadly, the code of dress is a mid length or long skirt for ladies, short skirts are not appropriate. Additionally, inappropriate are deep necklines, bare shoulders, and visible straps. More specifically, each event has it’s own various derivations of dress code. For example, Derby day requires a monochromatic dress combination of black and white, all black, or all white. The accessories can also be monochromatic in keeping with the theme. For example a white dress and black hat or headband paired with either a white or black box bag. Melbourne Cup is “the race that stops the nation”, this is the event where race goers can pull out all the stops. All manner of embellishments and extravagant headpieces can be seen here, you are only limited by your budget and imagination. Oaks day is considered the ladies event of the season, here floaty florals and feminine accessories are a must. Stakes day is know to be a family friendly event and is slightly more relaxed in it’s dress code, however sporty footwear and attire is still a big no no.

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