Find out which belt to choose and how to size it for a woman

The belt is an essential component of a woman's wardrobe, providing both decoration and comfort to the entire ensemble. Leather is the most popular material for women's belts, suitable for both skirts and pants. For a more formal outfit, it's best to use genuine or synthetic leather with a thin, understated buckle. Other materials for belts include metal, spring, corset, and braided options.

A good belt can enhance the figure's appearance, with a narrow belt suitable for a slim form and a wider belt preferable for a slightly larger figure. When searching for the perfect belt, it's essential to consider whether you want a stylish dress belt or a trouser belt that will accentuate your waist. In addition to size, other factors to consider when selecting the right belt include style, colour, and overall design.

How to match a belt to an outfit?

It's essential to ensure that all your accessories complement each other. A casual sports belt won't pair well with ornate and exotic jewelry. When selecting a belt, consider its color and whether it complements or contrasts with your outfit, but it's not necessary to match perfectly. Abelt  can highlight your figure while also drawing attention to your ensemble.

The belt's design should also be appropriate for the outfit. If the outfit is formal, the belt should be elegant, but it can be casual for jeans and a t-shirt.

The color of the belt buckle is also crucial, and it should match other metal components. For example, wearing a gold necklace and earrings with a silver buckle would not look good together. It's also essential not to fasten the belt too tightly, as this could cause unsightly creases in the fabric. Finally, make sure the belt is wide enough to fit the belt loops to prevent any shifting while wearing it. Check out our Axessorize store for unique belt designs.

What belts are worth having in your wardrobe

There are four different kinds of belts that women can wear. For jeans, palazzo pants, and cigarillos, there are two with a stylish buckle in the preferred colours of black and brown. The appropriate colour selection is essential for the aesthetic to look cohesive as a whole. Brown goes better with lighter clothing than black does with dark clothing. A waist belt that emphasises the feminine qualities of the physique is another belt that is worthwhile to have in your collection. It must coordinate with the type of clothing worn (with high-waisted trousers, skirts, dresses, tunics or a jacket). Waist belts come in various styles, including plain to heavily adorned, gold, silver, metal, leather, and lacquered. The strongest emphasis of the entire ensemble is frequently a waist belt. A basic, plain belt with the simplest buckle is another belt you should have in your closet because it goes with casual and business attire. This foundation will enable you to be ready for any situation.

How to size a belt for a woman?

The belt's size (length) determines how you want to wear it.

Belts can be worn on the hips or the waist, and both positions look fine. You decide how you want to wear the belt. Women know there isn't just one belt for everyone in our closet. We must have several of them customised for the setting and wear style.

The primary factor we consider while selecting a belt is its length. Remember that it is always 15–17 cm longer than the waist circumference when counting without the buckle. Select the proper size to prevent the belt from being overly tight or loose. To do this, you must perform a simple measurement, which will simplify your decision. The measurement you take around your waist, where you typically wear a belt, will be the most accurate. How should a woman size a belt correctly? Don't forget to measure yourself when standing! You may now select the appropriate size for you if you are aware of your circumference. Also, remember that you should pick a belt whose length, at the middle hole, corresponds to your waist size. This idea will give you more room on either side and ensure your comfort while wearing it. For instance, a size 90 belt will fit you perfectly if your waist measures 90 centimetres.

Genuine, natural leather belts have a 2-4 cm elongation potential over time. We can consider this when our waist circumference is on the boundary between two sizes, and we are unsure which size to choose. This is a characteristic of the natural material and not a flaw in the belts' production.
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