How to choose the length of a necklace, and how to shorten it if necessary?

Necklaces are a highly popular accessory, as they elegantly accentuate the collarbones and neck. With the right choice of necklace, you can create the illusion of a longer or shorter neck. If you're unsure about which necklace length is ideal for you, the following tips can be helpful. However, if you have a necklace that you adore but find that it's too long, there are solutions available to make your life easier. Keep reading for some helpful advice.

What length of the necklace to choose?

When purchasing a necklace, it's essential to consider not only the chain's width and weaving but also the appropriate length based on your desired outcome. To choose the right necklace length, start by considering your neck's circumference and length. The most popular necklace length for women is the princess length, which typically ranges from 40-50 cm. This length is highly versatile and pairs well with small pendants. It can complement nearly any outfit and neckline.

Necklaces ranging from 50-65 cm draw immediate attention to the neckline and can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. They are perfect for showcasing larger pendants or statement pieces.

For classic clothing and elegant gowns, necklaces ranging from 65-86 cm can create a slimming effect, making them ideal for women with round faces and high necklines. However, it's important to consider your body's proportions and the attractiveness of each component when determining the appropriate necklace length.

How to shorten or lengthen your neck with a necklace?

If you want to lengthen or shorten your neck with a necklace, there are some tips to keep in mind. To lengthen a short neck, opt for a long necklace in a V-shape. This shape is the thinnest and works better than U-shaped necklaces. You can achieve this effect by attaching a chain and pendant, as the weight of the pendant will help the chain take on the desired shape. Deep V-necklines are also excellent for lengthening a short neck.

On the other hand, a short necklace can help shorten the neck. Choose a necklace that crosses the neck horizontally and divides it into two pieces, shortening and widening it. Another option is a choker necklace worn just above the collarbones. By combining earrings and a necklace, you can also create the illusion of lengthening or shortening the neck, depending on the desired effect. Of course, it's also essential to select the appropriate jewelry for the neckline.

How do you shorten a necklace yourself?

Necklace lovers frequently ask themselves this question. Often you have lovely necklaces in your jewellery collection that are too long for you to wear. Depending on the style of the necklace, it may or may not be able to be shortened.

Shortening a long necklace that has a long chain (65–86 cm) is straightforward.These kinds of chains are incredibly adaptable. They can easily be made shorter by twisting or doubling them. Another option is to tie a knot and then attach the necklace slightly behind the knot. The knot will then be hardly visible or appear to be a part of the necklace when the necklace is shorter.

In the same way, if your necklace is fastened to a thong. You may reduce the necklace to the correct length by tying knots directly adjacent to the clasp, making you want to wear it again.

Cut a piece of fabric at the rear of the choker as close to the clasp as you can, and sew it using thread that matches the colour of the choker's fabric if you want to shorten it to fit your neck better. You can break off a piece and hot glue the ends together if it's made of metal.

There is a technique to shorten your necklace's chain so that you can mechanically cut a portion of it, though. You'll need a magnifying lens and two pliers with gripping points as long and thin as possible. Most chains are made up of hooked-together links. Put the chain under magnification to shorten it. With pliers, now grasp the chain link where you want to remove and gradually stretch a section of it. The chain link will break open and separate from the other links. After measuring the length of the chain, you need to cut, repeat the process with the following link. Put the broken chain's link on the one already open while holding pliers in one hand with an open link. The open link should be re-clamped, being cautious not to bend it.
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