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High Fashion Accessories - Why Are They So Important?

Why are fashion accessories important in the fashion industry?

The great Dominican fashion designer Oscar De la Renta once said, “A woman makes an outfit of her own with accessories”. Could we sum up the importance of accessories in any better way? What are outfits without accessories? When you look at the accessories individually, they seem insignificant. They only gain importance when you combine them with the right clothes. Accessories can turn any outfit into a gem. Imagine a plain white shirt and blue jeans. Nothing special right? However, with the addition of large, fashionable sunglasses with golden elements, a chunky gold chain, a chic nude leather bag, and a truly great pair of nude heels, you end up with a truly timeless outfit. High fashion accessories aim to enhance the appearance of your outfit - it depends on your sense of style whether they succeed or not. If you don't have an innate sense of style, don't worry. Just type in the search engine "top accessories trends for summer, spring…" and you have access to a list of what accessories are now fashionable and with what clothes to pair them with. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing; so that you feel dressed, not disguised.


What are considered accessories in fashion?

We've all heard the saying that people judge you in the first 3 seconds that you meet by looking at your shoes and your watch. With so little time to make a good impression, you have to really pay attention to the accessories you are wearing. However, important accessories are not only shoes and watches. An accessory can be anything you wear or carry other than your clothes: hats, ties, cravats, gloves, muffs, scarfs, eyewear, hair clips and bands, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bags, piercings, sashes, shawls, and much more. As you can see, there is a huge selection of accessories that can pimp up your outfit, however it’s worth remembering to avoid over-accessorising.


Benefits of wearing accessories

Very often accessories are essential for taking outfits to the next level. There are a few reasons why high fashion accessories are so important. First of all, they express your unique style, they highlight your personality and show others what your personal style, or even mood, is currently. For example, if you wear a lot of colourful jewellery you probably have a cheerful personality. Accessories can also highlight certain special features of your body. For example, pinned-up hair and dangling earrings enhance a slender neck, a decorative belt will emphasize your waist and the right sunglasses will emphasize the features of your face. High fashion accessories are a powerful weapon that can turn your outfit into something completely different. With the right accessories, you can make an outfit for an evening party out of a simple black dress. Keep in mind, if you throw a denim jacket over the same black dress and wear comfortable sneakers, you have the styling suitable for a lunch in the park. And that’s called accessories power!
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