Sculptured gold curled leaf earrings with pearl inset

How To Choose Pearl Earrings | A Quick Guide!

Classic Pearl earrings are a versatile accessory that can be worn everyday with a simple t-shirt and jeans for the most special occasions such as your wedding day. Pearl earrings never go out of style, read on to find out which styles will suit your outfit and occasion, keep reading!

First —  follow your heart!

Most importantly as with anything, follow your heart, and wear what you feel comfortable in. If you dream of richly decorated pearl earrings, do not worry about the opinion of other people —choose your desired jewellery and wear it with pride.  Your jewellery is an expression of who you are, your style and your unique character! The same rule applies to the choice of handbags, clothes, and hair accessories.

Minimalist or ornate accessories?

When choosing jewellery, consider the outfit, occasion and hairstyle. When matching to a busy print or outfit, minimalistic styles such as delicate pearl studs will complement rather than compete with your outfit. If you're wearing a plain fabric you can get away with adding a large statement piece to add interest. On formal occasions such as a wedding or a black tie event, pearl drop earrings embellished with diamante or the chandelier variety will take your look to the next level. Long pearl drops are perfect for an updo. The AXESSI range of pearl earrings has you covered, our range includes classic pearl studs, pearl drop earring varieties, richly embellished pearl statement earrings and geometric styles.

New and old jewellery

When thinking about how to choose pearl earrings, it is worth looking at the jewellery you already own. You will find out which pair will best match your rings, bracelets, or necklaces. At AXESSI, we offer both gold and silver pearl earrings to work with your existing jewellery collection.

For work, parties and everyday

The biggest advantage of pearl earrings is that they go well with any outfit. Therefore, it is worth having more than one pair to be able to change them and create new, original stylizations for work or for a party. Then the only thing to worry about is how to choose pearl earrings for the next day! Here are a few occasions for which pearl earrings are perfect:

  1. For the bride — pearl earrings compliment whites, creams and beige well. Pearl earrings also work well with satin and lace without competing or overwhelming.
  1. Elegant events — pearl earrings are an accessory that matches every occasion, making them perfect for formal events, evening outings, business meetings or romantic dinners!
  1. Beach babe — pearls are part of the ocean, freshwater-inspired earrings work well with a beach babe look that can also take you from day to night!
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