Long pearl earrings in a vine featuring delicate rhinestone leaf detailing

How Should You Wear Long Pearl Earrings?

So, you've recently acquired a new pearl necklace. Perhaps it's your first strand, or perhaps you've added a new pair of earrings to your collection. In any case, you're presented with a dilemma: "How often and when should I wear my new pearls?" 

Unsurprisingly, there is no straightforward answer to this question.

Some pearl pieces are passed down through the generations and are only worn on rare occasions. Because of the gemstone's sensitivity, it's best to just wear it once in a while. Pearls are less likely to be chipped or shattered if they are exposed to the elements for a shorter period of time. This security is obviously more critical for older or more valuable pearls.

But what good is having something lovely if you never get to wear it? It's true that pearls aren't as sturdy as diamonds. Thus, they're more likely to be damaged if worn every day. However, with careful care and caution, you can keep your pearls secure even when wearing them on a daily basis. This entails keeping them away from cosmetics and acidic materials, as well as properly storing them.

Earrings are an accessory that complements an outfit but can also be the focus. The type of earrings we choose also defines the style of our outfit. Earrings can be very bold as well as delicate. Long pearl earrings included lending class and elegance, especially for classic red carpet glamour. However, long pearl earrings are not limited to evening outfits; pearl earrings can be paired with a variety of outfits for all occasions. Set in gold or silver tones or just on their own, their popularity grows from season to season, so you can choose from a variety of styles.

What kind of dress will pearl earrings go with?

Long pearl earrings will add extra detail to any dress from the classic sheath, shift, strapless, shoestring strap, halter neck, and mermaid silhouette, just to name a few. Long pearl earrings can add interest to a stunning full-length strapless satin gown or compliment a pearl and diamante embellished dress. Long pearl earrings really stand out against the neck with short hair or an up-do. Combined with cubic zirconia,  long pearl earrings are perfect for a formal occasion, bridal gown or bridesmaid. If you are looking to incorporate long pearl earrings into your everyday outfit, wear light summery, breezy floral dresses for a girly lunch or spring races. Whether you are a fan of the classic look or  Long pearl earrings will ensure you are event-ready. Whether you are making a classic statement or looking for a modern wardrobe update, we recommend pearls earrings.

Long earrings and related face shape

The earring is one of the most recognisable pieces of jewellery; it draws attention to your face and adds beauty to your look. With so many different types of earrings to choose from to complement your fashion ensembles, it's crucial to understand how to accessorise with the proper style of earring for your face shape. Understanding your facial structure will help you choose the right earrings for any event, whether formal, business or informal.

Even though you're only embellishing a little portion of your body, the earrings you choose might make your face appear larger, slimmer, longer, or rounder. Matching your facial shape to the proper earring form can make a huge difference in how you look.

The good news is that anyone can wear long earrings. However, they should be adjusted to your face shape to balance and emphasize your best features. Round face shapes should look for long elongated earrings that will visually slim them. Oval shape faces suit all shapes and lengths, from studs to long pearl earrings. Square shaped faces look best with circular shaped earrings such as round or oval shapes to soften the angles. Those of us with a long narrow face is complemented by short dangles and cluster type earrings, and round shapes. Heart-shaped faces feature a wide forehead and sharper chin; this face shape suits teardrop shapes and chandelier earrings.

Long pearl earrings - what hairstyles do they go well with?

Are you wondering which hairstyle works best with long pearl earrings? Consider both your hair and the style of outfit. Long pearl earrings are a stand out on short hairstyles for a chic look. Long earrings also work with long hair, curly straight or wavey, especially with a heavy side part to reveal on-ear for extra drama. Wear long earrings with a half-up, half-down style or paired with a headband or a low bun for a wedding or formal occasion. Occasion.
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