How to wear gold hoop earrings to look stunning?

Are gold hoop earrings fashionable?

No earrings are more well-liked than the traditional hoops. Big hoop earrings were made popular in the 1960’s and 1980’s. A decade later gold hoops earrings emerged in smaller varieties. Today hoop earrings are an essential component to every accessories collection and golden hoops earrings can be found with delicate carvings join traditional smooth types in the vintage aesthetic.

 Made more popular by designers such as Marc Jacobs in his fashion shows. Pairing them with tracksuits and oversized jackets.  

Gold hoops earrings are frequently embellished with cubic zirconia, pearls, or vibrant gemstones. You can be sure that whatever decision you choose, you won't regret it. Gold hoops earrings work with both casual and formal look from boyfriend jeans and a tee to bias cut satin gowns. Gold is classy accessory that doesn't date. You can find a wide variety of gold hoops earrings at our Axessorize online store: small, large, statement, and understated.

How to match hoops earrings to the shape of your face?

Jewellery serves various purposes, including being decorative, highlighting style and individuality, as well as enhancing your best features. Are hoop earrings appropriate for face shape and style ? Be assured you will find your ideal pair of hoops here, they come in many sizes and shapes. To help you choose the best one, you must be aware of a few rules.

Large, statement  gold hoops earrings will look fantastic on girls with oval faces. Such jewellery will optically reduce the size of your face. Women with triangular faces should wear tiny hoops as earrings. Small earrings can offset the optical lengthening of the face caused by a narrow chin. They shrink the face by optically shortening it. Women with round faces should wear geometric hoop earrings, such as triangles, diamonds, squares, silver or gold-plated hexagons, large geometric hearts, or irregular patterns. Avoid oval jewellery on girls with this face shape as it will optically round the face.

We have a large variety of traditional hoops in large or small sizes. There are thousands of different styles of irregular, geometric hoop earrings that are available these days. Additionally, the elliptical-shaped elongated earrings are ideal for women with square faces. Such sleek earring designs soften and give subtlety to an angular face shape. In this case, opt for earrings with oblong, streamlined shapes.

How to wear hoop earrings in elegant styles?

Gold hoops earrings are a great addition to office attire if your workplace does not have a rigid dress code. For work, go with small, plain, and subtle types. They will go well with a tailored suit or skirt and a classy shirt. Evening attire goes perfectly with this style of jewellery. But be sure to adjust them correctly. Wear slightly larger hoops earrings with neutrał colouring. They can also be adorned with priceless stones. Conversely, for patterned, expressive dresses, pick delicate jewellery so that everything complements one another and appears elegant.

How to wear gold hoop earrings for casual outfits?

Hoop earrings are a classic timeless addition to any outfit and are transeasonal. Small to medium size gold or silver Hoop earrings work with weekend casual outfits. You can elevate classic jeans and a white t-shirt with simple  hoops,  or add them to a cute Sunday dress. Add medium size hoops A to any winter, spring, summer or autumn outfit for greater impact. For a bolder statement add large hoops in gold or silver. For an evening party or event, stand out in rhinestone and diamante varieties of hoops.  

Gold hoops earrings look great with urban-style clothing. Pairt them on with a t-shirt, sweatpants, and a baseball cap and luxe sporty shoes. Addn small  hoops to luxe active wear and a small cross-body bag to complete the look. Gold hoops embellished with zirconia, rhinestones, or pearls are another option. They will stand out on short haircuts or ponytails. You will undoubtedly find the perfect earrings in our Axessorize online store for every need, style, and event.

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