How to wear trending gold drop earrings? Find out some tips!

How to choose earrings to match the shape of your face?

You should first consider the shape of your face when selecting the perfect earrings for you:

  • Round Shape: Women with round faces should avoid wearing circle-shaped earrings and instead opt for oblong shapes like long chains. Fringe earrings can slim and lengthen the face. Your earrings can even touch your shoulders if you have a round face.
  • Rectangular Shape: Regular shape earrings, such as those in the shape of a circle, oval, or teardrop, are ideal for softening sharp facial features.
  • Triangular: If you have a triangular face, pick earrings that balance the angles of your chin and forehead. Additionally, you shouldn't wear earrings that are too long because this could make your face look even more pointed.
  • Trapezoidal face: Wear long earrings that are shaped in an oval or an inverted teardrop when the forehead is low and narrow and the jaw is wide and massive. This face shape calls for a slim profile while avoiding the slightly masculine jaw and short forehead. They should not have sharp edges and be narrow and subtle if they have precious stones. Stud earrings should not be worn because they further shorten the forehead. With a trapezoidal face, you can wear long jewellery extending past the chin line and drawing attention to your neck and cleavage, just like a square face with an unusually wide jaw.

How to choose earrings for the type of hairstyle?

Your earrings must complement both your hairstyle and the shape of your face. Are you unsure of what earrings to wear because you have long hair? Small delicate earrings may get lost in your hair, but larger styles will be more visible. Bold statement styles will stand out even with long tresses. Options for earrings to wear with long, straight, loose hair are long oblong dangles, chandelier style, large drop earrings including geometric metallic earrings, long diamante strands, bold flower varieties and beaded statement earrings. Boho, and beaded varieties of earrings really suit curly hair.  

Small earrings for hair? There are more options because a short haircut makes it possible to highlight the earrings. Here, you should adhere to the face shape instructions.

What earrings go best with buns, ponytails, and other hairstyles tied up? You can afford statement earrings if you have a hairstyle that reveals your face. Because of the uptight hairstyle, you don't have to worry about wearing big, bold earrings getting tangled in your hair. The delicate silver earrings with amethyst, topaz, or pearls are worth wearing if you prefer smaller earrings, and they will look lovely with a fancy hairstyle.

On the other hand, an asymmetrical hairstyle will look best with traditional jewellery, such as small golden drop earrings that have recently become popular or silver stud earrings with pearls or cubic zirconia.

Why do women love gold drop earrings?

Modern gold drop earrings frequently hit the mark. Gold is a wonderful embellishment that adds femininity and is timeless, elegant, and classy. This explains why this style of jewellery is still so popular. The modernity of the gold teardrop earrings is also impressive. Such styles are well-liked because of their impressive appearance and excellent adaptability—they work well with all styles..

The understated gold drop earrings are the second very popular style. Make sure to wear delicately ornamented, dangling gold teardrop earrings. Such jewellery highlights the face while subtly slimming the neck when worn with pearls or white cubic zirconia. If you enjoy wearing earrings of this style, you will undoubtedly enjoy the lovely Gia Drop Earring from our Axessorize online store. Both classy drop earrings on long chains and slightly fancier earrings made of interconnected plates can be found there.

However, if you're feeling a little bold and colourful, the extravagantly colourful drop earrings with cubic zirconia and accent stones will also be a winner. Such jewellery will demonstrate your tenacity, individuality, and creative soul, especially if you select gold-plated earrings with multiple shades of green, red, or navy blue. A colourful pair of drop earrings is another intriguing choice; they are chameleon-like accessories because they can change colour to suit your mood. If you enjoy wearing these striking earrings, check out the stunning Champagne Tear Drop Earrings or Marbella Diamante Drop Earrings in our Axessorize online store.

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