Do you love your favourite pearl earrings? Find out how to clean them properly

Why are pearl earrings so popular?

Pearls are a representation of style, elegance, and regal beauty. They were especially cherished by fashion pioneer Coco Chanel, who popularised pearls in clothing. Pearls held a special place in the 1920s, 1950s, and 1960s fashion. Style icons, actors, and musicians all wore them. Representatives of the powerful elites frequently chose pearls as a symbol of luxury and timeless style. Any female can wear pearls. It is best to choose each separately based on size, colour, and shape, depending on the setting, beauty, and fashion. Bright pearls look best on women with delicate facial features and a romantic disposition. Conversely, if you prefer accessories with personality, go for larger black pearls.

Pearl earrings are a magnificent addition for both special occasions and everyday wear. They look great in a gold frame for formal occasions and a silver frame for everyday styling. Pearl earrings come in various styles, sizes, and shapes, ranging from tiny single pearls to drop earrings, waterfall earrings, geometric shapes, and other ornate designs.

You can find simple and elaborate pearl earrings with gold and silver rims and decorative stones in our AXESSI online store. Pearl earrings were previously only worn for elegant styling. They are currently worn in a contemporary way, every day such as work attire..

How to take care of pearl earrings to keep them looking great for as long as possible?

Since pearls are so delicate, proper care is crucial. You must properly care for the pearls to last as long as possible. Pearls are a very brittle stone, despite being organic. It's vulnerable to scratches and might not survive even a shortfall. Keep in mind that pearls should not be exposed to high temperatures. Air that is too dry will hasten pearl deterioration. The appearance of pearls will also suffer from contact with chlorinated water, perfumes, or hygiene products like face cream or makeup remover.

Remove your pearl earrings before using the sauna, swimming, or going to bed. It is best to keep pearl earring storage soft and dry, such as in a velvet box. It is best to keep them away from other jewellery because doing so makes it easier to scratch them. On the pearls, all blemishes are regrettably visible. It is important to take precautions to prevent their emergence.

What are the best ways to clean pearl earrings?

Pearls should only be handled delicately. The stone could be permanently damaged by an improper tool. Remember that you should never clean pearls with materials that contain ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, hard bristles, abrasive sponges, hot water, vinegar, or any combination of those. There are numerous DIY techniques for cleaning pearl beads perfectly. If you don't want to do it yourself, you can have your pearl earrings professionally cleaned by a jeweller, who will clean them with jewellery paste.

Use salt when cleaning pearls at home. You'll need a bag made of linen or delicate suede for this. Place the bag with the salt inside and your pearl earrings inside. After that, add clean, warm—not hot—water to the bowl. The pearl and salt bag should be rinsed in water. The dirt on your pearl earrings will vanish along with the salt as it dissolves. Pearls should be gently rubbed with a soft paper towel before being dried. You can use starch at home to clean your pearl jewellery. It is a very easy method. Rub the starch over your jewellery using a cotton pad and the starch. It will quickly clear the dirt.

Potato starch can also be used for cleaning your house. Pearl-like moisture exists in starch. It simultaneously polishes and cleans the surface of organic jewellery. Pearls that have lost their shine due to prolonged exposure to strong sunlight will regain it. Place your jewellery on a velvet napkin, then starch it. With a napkin wrapped around it, gently rub the jewellery as if giving a massage. Then use a cotton pad to remove any leftover material from the jewellery's surface.

Use fresh potato juice in addition. Using olive oil to clean your pearl earrings at home is another secure method. Wipe your jewellery with a cotton ball that has been soaked in it. The gold and silver components of the earrings won't be harmed by the olive's cleaning of the pearls.

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