Lady Wearing Gold Necklace With a Long Neckline

You're not sure what necklace to wear with what neckline? Find out our tips!

You adore necklaces, but do you ever wonder if your favourite one goes with your outfit? If you have clothes with various necklines in your wardrobe, you're likely to face this problem.

The key to a successful style is well-chosen jewellery. It must be matched not only to the colour but also to the cut of the clothes in order to achieve the desired effect. It's crucial to choose a necklace for a neckline that doesn't detract from the figure's proportions and always looks elegant. The choice of jewellery should not be haphazard. A necklace that coordinates perfectly with the clothing style is a great way to highlight the figure's best features while also cleverly masking some of its flaws. Not every necklace is appropriate for every neckline, and not every neckline necessitates the use of a necklace. As a result, knowing how to match a necklace to a specific neckline is important. Learn how to pick the right necklace for your neckline to highlight the shape of your neck and shoulders. All of the necklaces described below can be found in our AXESSI online store. You can pick from a wide range of styles, colours, and shapes in our extensive collection of necklaces.

What necklace for V neck?

When it comes to selecting a necklace, the V-neckline is probably the most straightforward. Wear a necklace with a V-shape if you like V-necklines with a V-shape. It could be, for example, a short-chain with a pendant or a long thong with a pendant of the appropriate weight at the end. Both short and longer necklaces work well with a V-neck. It's crucial that they take the shape of the letter V. As a result, avoid wearing round necklaces. When the angular and oval shapes are combined, they will not look good. Minimalists will undoubtedly opt for the delicate charm necklaces, which have recently become very popular. It's important to keep in mind that the pendant should end on your body and not overlap the fabric of your dress or top. Choose a longer necklace that reaches your cleavage if you want to draw attention to your neckline. You have the option of wearing this "V" shaped necklace or the "Y" shaped necklace, both of which look great with the deep V-neckline.

What necklace for a round neckline?

Round necklines, both deep and close to the neck, are a popular and versatile cut. When it comes to choosing a necklace, this neckline gives you a lot of options. With a round necklace or a long necklace that crosses its line, a round neckline looks best. If you want to wear a long necklace, make sure it is long enough to fall well below the neckline. Necklaces are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. In this case, a round necklace close to the collarbones will be the best option. The semi-round neckline looks great with almost any type of jewellery. If you like clothes with this neckline, you can experiment with different types of necklaces here. A small neckline that ends near your neck allows you to wear a large, decorative, and attention-getting necklace. A long necklace that ends below your cleavage is also an option. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round and V-shaped pendant necklaces.

What necklace to wear with a square neckline?

One very important rule applies to square-necked dresses and blouses. The fabric of your outfit should not be encroached upon by the necklace. With a square neckline, short necklaces look best. Wearing a string of pearls, for example, can make you look elegant. Necklaces with geometric shapes or a pendant in a minimalist style will look just as stylish. You can also select a choker, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. Above your neckline, a short pendant or necklace will beautifully highlight the shape of your neck and collarbones.

Necklaces for strapless and off shoulders necklines!

What about tops and dresses with off-the-shoulder detailing? These strapless or off-shoulder outfits draw attention to your neck and shoulders. Short necklaces that fall close to the neck are best suited to this style of dress and top. This type of jewellery will draw attention to your face. They can be choker necklaces during the day and stylish necklaces in the evening, such as those with crystals or coloured stones. For a date, a layered chain stone pendant drop necklace, which has recently become very fashionable, is ideal. Keep in mind that wearing a short necklace visually shortens your neck. It's for this reason that they're recommended for women with swan necks.

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