Hairstyle With Claw Clip

The retro fashion hit is back! Find out how to style hair with a claw clip!

Is pinning up with a claw clip healthy for your hair?

Using a claw clip in place of your hair elastic has many advantages. Because a claw clip secures the strands more delicately than an elastic band, your hair is not mechanically harmed. Make sure the teeth on a claw clip are rounded so they won't poke your scalp. Claw clips that are properly adjusted can handle unruly strands. When you let your hair down, it will look perfect because it won't crease or deform in an unattractive way. Replace your hair elastic with a claw clip for a variety of advantages. It doesn't harm your hair mechanically because a claw clip secures the strands more gently than an elastic band. The teeth of a claw clip should be rounded so they won't poke your scalp. Unruly strands are no match for a properly adjusted claw clip. Letting your hair down will look perfect because it won't deform or form unsightly creases.

Should you wear a claw clip?

Claw clips have made a significant comeback; you don't need to monitor trends closely to notice this. This somewhat forgotten ornament became a huge hit in 2021! In the current season, it is still very fashionable! Many stores' assortments now include claw clips in a variety of versions. Similar to the 1980s and 1990s, when a claw clip was widely accessible. It used to be as much a part of a hairstyle as a hairpin, or an elastic is now. Women's claw clips from a few decades ago had a slightly different appearance. Dark brown and burgundy were the predominant colours daily. Neon-coloured plastic claw clips shone brightly at parties.

The metal mechanism on the back of the claw clip was too visible. Today, the appearance of the claw clips has been tweaked. It has become a perfect hair accessory for everyday use and official, elegant events. Now you will can find it in every colour variant and with fantastic prints. They are also trimmed with suede or decorated with decorative stones or pearls. A thin claw clip in metallic colours makes a real sensation. It will also look great with elegant styling and hairstyles. It all depends on the style of a claw clip you choose. You will find claw clips in an elegant and casual version. You can pin up your hairstyle with it very quickly, and it will be comfortable for you.

How do you properly choose a claw clip?

The coolest thing about claw clips is that they can be used for short and long hair. There are many sizes and types of claw clips available on the market. You can easily locate one that fits your hair's length and thickness. The most crucial aspect of a claw clip is that it secures your hair so that none of the strands falls out. It also can't hold the hair too tightly to avoid ripping it out. Your scalp must not be scratched or irritated by the clip claw teeth. Claw clips come in a wide variety at AXESSI, varying not only in size but also in style, colour, and method of use. You can find both those with a straightforward design and those that are more adorned, such as those that feature pearls or are shaped like shells.

Claw clip hairstyles for long hair!

If you have long hair, gather it in a ponytail at the back of your head just above the nape of your neck. Twist the ponytail twice or three times. Use a thin, transparent rubber band to secure the ponytail, and then finish by adding a fancy claw clip to the top. This hairstyle is free-flowing, cosy, and simple to execute. Make some subtle waves in your ponytail to make it look glam. A plume is an additional option for long hair. Take all of your hair in a clip claw, but leave the tops of your ends sticking out. Then a kind of "plume" will arise. A perfect solution for casual stylizations and is also very comfortable.

A Claw clip is the perfect solution for short hair

Do you have chin-length hair? Contrary to appearances, nothing prevents you from making great pin-ups on it! The claw clips are perfect for pinning up short hair! If you have long hair, gather it at the back of your neck just above the nape, then twist it around its axis twice. After securing the ponytail with a thin, transparent rubber band, add a fancy claw clip to the top. This hairstyle is loose, comfortable, and simple to execute. Make some soft waves in your ponytail if you want it to look glamorous. A plume is another style choice for long hair. Grab all of your hair in a clip claw, but leave the tops of your hair free to protrude.

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