Hair Accessories

Wear for everyday or for a special occasion. Our collection of hair accessories is affordable, functional, and flattering.
Are you looking for headbands? See our extensive collection of fashionable headbands here.

Beautiful collection of hair accessories!

AXESSI offers a collection of hair accessories not only for everyday but also for special occasions. In our range you will find simple and functional acrylic clips, marble acrylic hair claw, girly, soft shiny organza fabric scrunchie but also elegant, diamante and rhinestone embellished, flamingo design hair clip set, or hair claw embellished with pearls available in clear and black colour.

Get a new look with hair clips & claws!

Decorative hair clips and hair claws have become very fashionable in recent years. Women love hair clips for their ease of use and the quick beautification effect they can give you. Put your hair up with a hair claw decorated with pearls, crystals or seashells; they can transform a casual hairstyle into an elegant one in a matter of seconds. Or hold your hair back with a simple yet stylish pearl bow hair clip or an elegant flamingo hair clip with diamantes. They are both very functional, because in addition to the decorative function, they also tame unruly strands of hair. Beautiful, decorative hair clips and claws match perfectly with both long and short hair.

Find a pretty scrunchie to suit your hairstyle

Pretty patterned elastic ponytail holders serve a functional purpose but they can also serve as a fashionable accessory for your hair. Scrunchies come in all manner of fabrics, patterns and textures. AXESSI has scrunchies in satin, organza with streamer detailing, or crepe fabric in checks or spot designs. Scrunchies are an easy way to tie back your hair and still look fabulous!