Cute white coloured woven basket handbag

How To Choose A Cute Handbag That Ticks All The Boxes

The right bag is a women's wardrobe staple. It is important to find the right bag for the occasion that reflects your personal style. A bag should have both form and function, aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian. However, each outfit and every occasion may require a different accessory. Read on to find out how to match a cute handbag to your outfit!

Choosing an Accessory for evening outfits

Champagne coloured diamante encrusted acrylic evening clutch

Once you have your little black dress, it’s time to choose a cute handbag that expresses your style. Consider the event when choosing your bag as well as your shoes and other jewellery. Whether you are going to the theatre, a formal event, a party, a business function or a date, you will need a bag that carries the essentials such as your lipstick, a few cards and a phone. A small clutch bag with an optional chain is the perfect solution. Clutches may be hard or soft, come in a variety of colours and textures, from plain to patterned, heavily embellished to understated. 

Finding a Bag for university and work

Cross-body bags, messenger bags, large totes or a cute shopper bag are a great solution for your work or study needs. Though function is a priority, they don’t need to be boring. There are many bags that are functional yet stylish. The versatility of minimalist styles can work with many outfit options from office attire to casual university.

Take your bag on a trip

Whether you are jet-setting overseas, or doing a quick weekend trip, a cute handbag is a necessary accessory. Finding a stylish bag that looks good in those holiday snaps and holds your travel essentials is a must. Minimalist bags, as well as styles with a strap worn over the shoulder or cross-body with internal pockets are practical and chic. These allow you to have everything you need close to you and look great with sports luxe looks for air travel, as well as summer dresses for that weekend getaway.

Which colour bags to choose

A girl can never have too many handbags! When building your collection of bags to suit every occasion it is not only the type and size of handbag that matters, but also the colour. If your outfit speaks for itself or you don’t want to compete with statement jewellery, bags in neutral hues such as nudes, beiges and tans are the perfect option to compliment your outfit. An alternative to the neutral tones are metallics such as gold, silver, and bronze bags. Classic black is a practical option that is transeasonal and doesn’t soil easily, while white fabric, leather or bags of the basket variety are fresh for summer and can be taken from day to night. Printed and embellished bags are a fantastic way to add drama to an otherwise plain outfit. Whatever your style, have fun playing with colour.

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