Accessory Storage

Elegant micro-seude jewellery drawstring pouches and beautiful satin drawstring headband bags to keep your most precious items dust free and neatly tucked away.

Jewellery boxes to store and hold earrings, rings & necklaces

Organize and store your jewellery in our signature jewellery boxes, with felt lined interiors and featuring gold AX branding, perfect for earrings, rings and necklaces. These come in two sizes; a small box which is ideal for taking a few precious items when travelling, and a larger size to keep at home which will also fit bracelets. For convenience, especially when travelling, both sizes have a mirrored compartment.

Beautiful pouches for your precious trinkets

We love beautiful things and our necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair clips, hairpins, and headbands should be stored in something beautiful and functional. AXESSI offers two types of storage pouches to protect your precious accessories from dust including a gorgeous micro-suede powder pink pouch featuring gold AX branding and a drawstring closure for small items and a stunning satin pink pouch with AX branding to store and protect larger items such as headbands and small clutch bags. They are not only beautiful, but also convenient to use and practical.

Take care of your accessory’s storage

Beautiful packaging creates a sense of wonder and excitement enticing a person to open it. A little thing, beautifully packaged adds a dimension of luxury to the gift and makes the receiver feel extra special; it will take on a completely different dimension. The right gift packaging gives elegance and shows that we care. If your jewellery is kept in a dedicated pouch or a box, away from dust, you will be able to enjoy its beauty for longer.